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Our Services

Separation Waste Logistic Services Raw Material Production Energy Production Organic Fertilizer Production RDF Production


Collected mixed domestic solid wastes are separated according to their types at high efficiency in the Sustainable Material Management Separation Facility to be suitable for recycling.
  Waste Logistic Services

Collection and transportation of domestic solid wastes are collected by latest technology vehicles in accordance to Solid Waste Control Regulations and are transported to our disposal facilities.
  Raw Material Production

Separated packaging wastes are regained to economy as raw materials after they go through necessary processes.
  Energy Production

At the Organic Waste Disposal Unit bio-gas produced from domestic organic wastes, animal wastes and treatment water mud is retrieved as refined natural gas which is the final product or as heat-electrical energy.
  Organic Fertilizer Production

Organic wastes are used as organic fertilizers with suitable conditioning techniques.
  RDF Production

Wastes that cannot be recycled / retrieved and have calorific value can be used in all kinds of facilities that need heat as Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).