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With Over 20 Years Experience, Leader In Environmentalist Technology...

As being a company operating in each and every fields of local resources (waste) management area, Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş. Company has been established in year 1993 in order to provide environmental cleaning services and resource (waste) management services to the municipalities and local administrations. Gintem Company is the first company in our country that mentioned and implemented the Integrated Solid Waste Management concept and understanding and Gintem has been successfully continuing its activities more than 20 years within this sector.

Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş. has been providing its services under the supervision of many local administrations. These services namely are; collecting, transportation, decomposing and storing of the wastes of which representing the most important step of resource (waste) management and also cleaning the avenues and streets of residential areas with the cutting-edge technology equipments.   

By using the cutting-edge environmental technologies, Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş. undertakes construction and operating of local resource facilities and systematic storing areas and Gintem Company enables such facilities to be operated without damaging the environment but efficiently both in economic and technical terms. Gintem Company continuously develops and improves its knowledge background and experiences by virtue of both realizing its projects and with its international co-operations. Gintem is a leading company within the sector thanks to its professional approach to resource (waste) management and its utilization of high technology in the area.

In the regions where Gintem provides its services, there are all kinds of terminals, building sites, recycling facilities and management departments of which their projects are designed by Gintem engineer team with the latest environment technologies and all kinds of infrastructure , vehicle maintenance and repairs can be realized in such facilities. In each and all building site, expert engineers and operators having sufficient knowledge and experience are recruited who are specialized on their field of work.

Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş. with its environmentalist vision adopts the development of Resource (material) management as a principle due to its zero damage effect in order to accomplish sustainable resource utilization and to prevent permanent pollution.