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Respectful to humans and nature

As Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş, our management concept is based on “respect to humans and the environment”.  We believe we have the right to speak and obtain information on every subject affecting our environment and we make all our decisions in the benefit of our country with the “Environment First” consciousness.  While targeting continuous improvement for using our country’s resources efficiently with clean product and clean production technologies, we take on the environmental responsibility of our products and services.  We continuously review our environmental project performance and try to improve it.  As a corporation, we adopt innovative and sustainable environmental approach on all our works.  While we conduct our activities, we determine the risks that may harm the environment beforehand and take measures to minimize them as much as possible on time and in full.

Honest and reliable

In our relations with all our stakeholders, primarily being the persons and establishments we give service to, with the aim to increase our reliability and the respect felt for our establishment, we act respectfully to humans, devoted to rules of honesty, in a manner and behavior  both general rules of ethics and the law expects from us.

Highest service quality

Service quality is one of the fundamental stones of our work ethics. We aim for the highest level of quality on each activity we execute and each service we offer.  We always determine and share the areas that will carry quality standards of our stakeholders even higher.  We identify organizational roles, responsibilities and authorities in infrastructure, technology, finance and human resources and we ensure improvement of environmental awareness.

Open to change and improvement

As Gintem employees, we work with the consciousness of adding value to our world which gives us living space, to the community we are a part of and to our country, to the institutions and establishments we work in.  By protecting our values placed in the bases of our success and constitute our institution culture, we adopt this as a life standard.  We carry a leading innovative spirit that is open to technologic improvement and changes in ourselves.  Our aim is to bring innovation to all the fields we give service to and to lead changes.  We continuously research to answer the needs of the market and our customers in the best way and we bring innovative solutions.

Socially responsible

Believing that protection of socio-economic benefits is a requirement of being modern, we keep benefits of the community as priority in our activities and services. With the consciousness of being good citizens, we act sensitively as a leader in public subjects, we play an active role and work in services for the benefit of the public, especially in projects related to environment and Education to give organizational and technical professional support to establish non-governmental organizations, education centers.