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Local Government Services

Overall factors included within the concept of Sustainable Resources (Waste) Management should be evaluated as a whole in order to provide sustainability regarding environmental and economic aspects. Within the framework of waste transportation regulation, when the wastes are reached to the sufficient quantity such wastes must be sent by vehicles to the licensed recycling or disposal facilities by the local administrations. Hazardous wastes must be transported and carried in a way which is not jeopardizing the environment and human health. This transportation may only be realized by the companies which specifically obtained licenses on this field and through the vehicles specifically designed for carrying hazardous wastes. Decomposing at source operation is a very important application in particular while recycling the majority of the packaging wastes of which constitute the biggest part of especially the domestic wastes with a great value.

Pursuant to 2872 numbered Environmental Law enacted in Turkey and pursuant to 26.03.2010 dated Regulation on Systematic Storing of the Wastes; the municipalities are liable to dispose or cause to dispose their urban wastes without damaging the environment since the date of said legislations. Local administrations are obliged to abandon their “wild storing” methods that they have been applying since today and they are obliged to dispose their urban wastes by recycling and/or regaining them under economic conditions.

Turkey is at a model position among developing economies with its dynamic structure and strong financial structure.  However, in order to feel the minimum impact of possible crises and financial fluctuations, we need to decrease our input costs and plan investments in sectors that generate more added value. Resource Center investments, each one them successful applications of Circular Economy, are operations having diversified benefits regarding creation of cheap resource to industry fur to raw material production, decreasing of operational costs, production of renewable energy, motivation of organic fertilizer in agriculture and elimination of harm given to environment to zero. 

Dependency of countries that invest in Resource Centers to outside countries get less each day. In Turkey where daily 1,21 kg solid waste per person is generated, 3.215 municipality manage 30 million ton garbage per year. Our objectives is while collecting solid waste that is separated at source, turning into economical value by installing and operating Resource Centers. Gintem Madde Yönetimi A.Ş gives high quality service with principles to local administrations with its engineers in its structure who are experts in Resource (Material), specially trained employees, machinery in line with latest environment technologies and with its licensed vehicles.